Hello August!

Birthday Girl – Old House

A new, shoegaze-infused alternative pop track has been released by Birthday Girl, ‘Old House’ is their new single and has been created in their homemade studio based in Stockholm. The soothing and rather intriguing harmonies that sound hauntingly infectious create a soundscape that unfolds itself like a spiderweb throughout the track. Slightly too repetitive at times but an infectious and creative new piece of art overall!

Diana Wolfpack – Rag Doll

With an intro that is driven by guitar riffs and familiar drums, Diana Wolfpack open their new single ‘Rag Doll’. The alternative rock outfit wrote ‘Rag Doll’ last year and were inspired by horror movies and the 80’s, I’m not a fan of horror however the band have translated that inspiration into an infectious song that talks about “late nights, lost loves and what could be hiding just around the corner…” Get your freak on!

Somebody’s Child – TV Screens

Positive sounding and with a tongue-in-cheek kind of tone Somebody’s Child are bringing us ‘TV Screens’, a track with some great yet humble vocals and a rather infectious soundscape that is hard to not move along to. ‘TV Screens’ is taken of the emerging Irish indie pop outfit’s debut EP ’20-something’, one that has already received international airplay which for an emerging artist is rather rare! The EP talks about anger, disillusionment and nostalgia to name just a few things. Most radio stations are fans already, you’re next!

Saint Raymond – Love This Way

Saint Raymond just released a new single, his tropical indie pop is of the summer anthem kind and with a power and passion behind it that blows my socks off with every new release. ‘Love This Way’ is taken from the long awaited upcoming second album. It is a spot on slice of his new and evolved sparkling indie sound. “‘Love This Way’ is about when a relationship doesn’t quite work how it should but you’re both too scared to let go and you wonder if it’s just how it is and always will be.” You can watch the video that accompanies the single right here.

Howling Circus – Let Your Love Burn Out

Mysterious alt rock outfit Howling Circus have just released their new single ‘Let Your Love Burn Out’, a fast paced, high energy and intriguing new track with smooth vocals that have a raw edge to them yet sound humble and soulful. The Toronto-based band share both single and lyric video with their fans, the lyrics video being filmed in Toronto while adhering to social distancing protocols. The meaning behind ‘Let Your Love Burn Out’ can be summarised as discovering the short space of time in which we can go from being passionate to feeling absolutely nothing, in the light of modern dating apps. 

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