Near Death Experience – Moves

Near Death Experience are a London-based indie four-piece who never slow down and provide more energy and conviction with every new track they release. They only formed a few years ago, yet that is no measure compared to their experienced and tight-knit sound.

‘Moves’ is their latest track to grace our ears. It has a similar theme to their previous hit ‘Conquer’, but it takes us down a new road of charm and power with their melody lines gripping from the instant. It is all about a lady who fascinates and moves with every step and the band unfold their experience conspicuously with Ian Whiteling, also known as a true talent, driving the track forward with certainty.

It kicks off with a lead vocal performance with just the bass rhythm accompanying it. I enjoy how the band have given the bass section the air time it craves. It is super infectious, and I can see why the group want us all to hear it. Plus, I imagine the bassist savouring the opportunity to shine given the number of tracks which hide the bass line underneath the mix.

A guitar lead soon rises to the occasion with a divine tone, and it provides the sentiment the track is craving with its angelic licks. The drums often switch up structure, and the drummer gets to unleash his might throughout the track with plenty of fills jumping out the stereo with stadium-like effect. The chorus is brazen, the band are confident, and they take no prisoners with their upfront and nail-biting approach.

For me, the band just keep getting better and better. NDX are writing their own history, and they have a sign of courage which is difficult to fault. You can take a listen to ‘Moves’ by Near Death Experience below.

Words by James Davids.

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