Spiny Norman – Me, My Baby and My Telephone

Dutch alternative outfit Spiny Norman have just released their new single ‘Me, My Baby and My Telephone’, it’s a mouth full! Their new release is an upbeat, intriguing and eccentric sounding song that combines high pitched vocals and an ever changing rhythm. ‘Me, My Baby and My Telephone’ sounds like a throwback to the sixties and the seventies and is a combination of alternative pop and retro rock. The band have been inspired by acts as Paul Simon, Jeff Beck and Tame Impala, something we can hear without a doubt.

Most admirable I find their energy and how throughout the single there is no hesitation nor pause, this is Spiny Norman and this is their sound. A mix of complex compositions, moving melodies and soothing harmonies make up their latest track and overall vibe. It is easy to listen to, easy to dance to and easy to sing along to!

“‘Me, My Baby and My Telephone’ is about a dysfunctional relationship full of reproaches misunderstanding and suspicion.” Without sounding sulky nor moody, Spiny Norman have turned their message into something that sounds like a summer breeze and dances carefree and without any worries!

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