Mt. Misery – I Was Wrong

Hartlepool’s local alternative pop outfit Mt. Misery have released a new single, one that is gloomy and slightly dark scented yet has an infectious rhythm and soothing vocals! ‘I Was Wrong’ is the second single taken of their upcoming debut album, an album almost the whole of the North East is excited for. This single was supposed to be a lyrically more positive release yet turned out to be slightly less positive, which shows the creative process is not to be fooled around with. Positive or not, ‘I Was Wrong’ has an almost calming atmosphere and a charming and accepting vibe that I translated into “it doesn’t matter if you’re wrong or right, we’re all just human and we all make mistakes.”

We hear a recognisable voice on the track, as friend and singer songwriter Jodie Nicholson sang some of the backing vocals. It shows that collaborating brings pleasant surprises and makes for the best end results. Mt. Misery have been evolving since early 2019 and quickly became one of the North East favourites, understandably. I am more than curious to hear more on their upcoming debut and will be looking out for more Mt. Misery!

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