Top Tips from the UK

The Shop Window – Evacuate

A surf rock inspired track has been released, one with soothing harmonies and an infectious soundscape. It’s The Shop Window‘s new single ‘Evacuate’, which builds upon classic guitar riffs and clean vocals that blend in smoothly with the harmonies that dominate their new single. It is strangely familiar and feels like two strong arms that are here to hold you and are here to stay. ‘Evacuate’ builds upon the desire for a place to call home, may I call The Shop Window my home?

Taxi With Strangers – Time

‘Time’ is a positive sounding, demanding new single with a positive yet slightly generic indie rock sound. It’s Taxi With Strangers‘ new release and combines Gallagher-inspired vocals with surprising harmonies and an exciting soundscape. Their debut single came out last year and since the band have finally found their desired sound and they will be releasing more and better singles throughout the year and the years to follow! “Time is a song about living life to the fullest, not overthinking about the future and embracing the moment.”


CATALINA SKIES have just released an incredibly infectious banger that made me think of the days I still went to local band nights in the Netherlands and in particular singer songwriter and band Lucas Hamming. About new single ‘Hey’: “‘Hey’ is a story of lust, desire and passion between two people… And bad timing.” It is their energy and grand soundscape that instantly makes you move. Combine their swinging party sound with passionate vocals and an easy to sing along to chorus and you have a success formula that would work perfectly on the festival greens!

Polarized Eyes – Sinner

London-based trio Katie, Amber and Harry are better known as Polarized Eyes and have been avoiding their GCSE’s to create and release new single ‘Sinner’. I applaud them for it and am blown away by their loud and energetic, in-your-face attitude and sound. The trio create alternative rock with an edge and there is no way you can ignore Polarized Eyes. There is something slightly terrifying about their perseverance and way of pushing through the wall of sound that is being created by the trillion-and-one bands that are in the process of breaking through. Polarized Eyes are making a promise and I can’t wait to see them fulfil it!

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