Label – Saturday

If you have a roadtrip planned or a socially distance party you will need Label‘s new single ‘Saturday’! Their eclectic sound and high energy, fast paced soundscape makes think of the Grease soundtrack not exclusively because of the riffing guitar lines and the disco-influenced rhythm. Every year since 2014 the band have provided a summer soundtrack and this summer isn’t any different! It is their own and unique musical tradition, one they have made theirs in a desirable fashion.

‘Saturday’ is a refreshing combination of fuzzy guitar riffs, vocals harmonies and a balanced soundscape that is grand and filling and leaves no room for imagination. The Oslo-based outfit writes summer soundtracks that are so versatile they match any season! “Here are the words that will fill the alleys, the neon-flickering bars, and the nights when no one wants to take the subway home to go to bed.” Have a listen for yourself and share your thoughts with us and the band!

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