KNIFEY – Can’t Stop Feeling

Toronto-based indie rock outfit KNIFEY have just released a new video for their single ‘Can’t Stop Feeling’, the single also appears on their sophomore full-length album ‘Sleepwalker’! The band formed in 2015 and released their debut LP in 2017, it shows that longevity pays off more than five minutes of fame.

‘Can’t Stop Feeling’ has a brief intro that starts off slow but rather instantly an energetic beat kicks in and the vocals of KNIFEY echo through my speakers. It is their undeniable energy and the passion that seep through the drums and filthy guitar riffs. The band have greatly evolved ever since their debut release, with their sound combining elements of power pop, surf rock and straight up punk. Their new album ‘Sleepwalker’ is about personal and professional growth, and is an exciting and eclectic mix of funk, pop, rock and punk. Subjects such as struggles with routine, responsibility and the energy of youth are discussed in a musical way.

“‘Can’t Stop Feeling’ is a product of the toxic blending of normally unrelated fears; the fear of two different types of mortality – romantic and literal.”

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