Get to know Sunstinger

Scottish alternative noise pop outfit Sunstinger recently released a new single which for me was the perfect time to get the know the band and talk to them about what they’re up and listening to!

How did Sunstinger come to be and why?

We had all been in bands from leaving school and Fife has had a pretty strong music scene since then, so we have all been really good friends for years. I (Taylor) had a few ideas I wanted to try out and got in touch with each of the guys. It just kind of happened after that!

Where do you/ the band find inspiration?

I find inspiration from the things that are happening around me. I try and be honest and truthful in my lyrics. It’s not so much escapism for me personally, its more about finding the charm in what we actually have around us. We’re very passionate about who we are and the places we are from.

What is your favourite place and time to find new music?

If I was trying to be cool I’d say go record shopping every weekend, but that’s not the case at all. When I’m writing I try not to listen to too much music at the time so I’m not subconsciously influenced by someone else’s experience.

However, in this day in age we have access to everything in the click of a button whether that’s a positive thing or a negative thing. I do like choosing a band and skipping through Spotify recommendations and finding new stuff. But to be honest I’m stuck in the past when it comes to music, I prefer the 60’s, 80’s, and early 90’s. But that’s me personally, I know for example Bill our bass player is into a lot of underground newer shoegaze stuff, so I guess we learn of new bands from each other as well.

What does music and the band mean to you in three words?

The space between.

What are currently your 10 favourite tracks?

We just recently put together a playlist of what we’ve been listening to recently. The stand out tracks would probably be…

Chapterhouse – Mesmerise
The Vacant Lots – Bells
The Brian Jones Town Massacre – Hold That Thought
Mogwai – Rano Pano
Whirr – Junebouvier
The Raveonettes – Black Satin
Glasvegas – Later When The TV Turns Static
The National – Booodbuzz Ohio
Action Bronson – Dr Kimble
Ringo Deathstarr – Two Girls

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