Sunstinger – Nothing’s Alright, Leave Me Alone

It was late 2017 when alternative shoegaze outfit Sunstinger emerged. They have been steadily releasing music since, ‘The Void’ was released in May and followed up by their latest single ‘Nothing’s Alright, Leave Me Alone’. Their Cure-influenced sound is a dark build up of emotions that erupt in stadium pop sounding track with an alternative shoegaze-inspired twist. Their music suits any occasion and the echoing vocals that are in the midst of ‘Nothing’s Alright, Leave Me Alone’ are still echoing in my head.

The four-piece channel their feelings and experiences within their music and appeal to the outgoing as well as the introverted. The band pays homage to acts such as The Jesus & Mary Chain and experiments with new and questionable yet brave sounds. “We’re constantly selling, swapping and buying gear to try and find new sounds.” It is something I find other bands and artists could learn from. Sunstinger have introduced me to their ever-growing sound and I hope it will do the same for you!


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