AVATARI – Raised at Night

AVATARI only just released his debut solo release, ‘Raised at Night’ was written two years ago however feels even more relevant in the present time. It is a song about protest and taking a stand, “it is about solidarity and empathy. It’s about how the greatest growth and positive change happens when we connect and unite through the darkest of times.” An even more powerful thought to me is, and I could not have said it any better than Ari, “there is no you or me, there is only you AND me.”

AVATARI is the solo project of musician, actor, singer and songwriter Ari Welkom. He is ambitious and experienced, he toured the USA, played big festivals and has been seen on TV, however, he is starting from scratch as a solo artist. I find it courageous when musicians go from band to solo, as all of a sudden a lot of work rests on your shoulders without anyone else to take the pressure off for a bit. But, Ari is doing it with flair, an anthemic sound and pop hooks and grooves that are hard to shake off! 

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