Dancer – Dreamer

Sometimes there is nothing you can do but to fall in love with a sound, a voice and a vibe. Dancer just released their new single ‘Dreamer’, a song that is infectious, has a mild summer sound and feels familiar even though I can’t possibly have heard it before. The unexpected break that fills the room gives ‘Dreamer’ it’s element of surprise and shows the versatility of Dancer. It is what Dancer does best, creating room-filling, echoing, comforting alternative indie pop.

While most of us are dreamers, and not just at night, dreaming is still something we all struggle with at times. “This song explores the heart of the personal and individual view of our dreams and how our belief and misunderstanding in them is what makes us human.” There isn’t much I would be able to relate to more, than this. Dreaming is what gives us a little colour in a grey world, a glance at hope and the life we will hopefully live someday. I think that Dancer has created the perfect soundtrack for those moments of reflection. The track is just a tad too short for my liking, as I would have liked to hear more. However, everything has its end, and why not end on a high?

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