Claire Donzelli – Lift Me Higher

Talented and dreamy singer songwriter Claire Donzelli finally released her new single ‘Lift Me Higher’! It is her second single, on which we can hear how much she has grown into her own skin as a musician since releasing her debut ‘Together Apart’. ‘Lift Me Higher’ is a delicate folk pop song about love, freedom and breaking through barriers. “I wrote it when I could finally play piano again after recovering from an injury that left me unable to play for months.”

Perseverance seems a recurring theme in Claire’s emerging career, as well as development. Donzelli has worked with a producer which shows in the more complex arrangements and the layers her sound has now gained. With her vocals in the spotlight and a simple yet filling soundscape backing her up, ‘Lift Me Higher’ is a single that sticks with you and makes you able to pause life for its nearly three minutes.

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