will hyde – over u.

Now for something different, what will hyde creates is not a sound I usually listen to or something I would turn on voluntarily. However his latest single ‘over u.’ is soothing, infectious and one I can vibe to as if dancing in a club! The 20-year old from Melbourne has released two previous singles and it shows how much he has grown while creating his own sound. It amazes me how age is no factor in how talented artists are, as long as making music is being driven by talent and authenticity.

will hyde isn’t new to the scene, as a teenager he was a part of streaming-success duo SYDE, what he is new to, is being on his own. With his third single he’s bringing a stellar pop sound with a pinch of indie and an almost R&B-like groove, one that is catching and refreshing. His music will bode well with fans of Rex Orange County and Gus Dapperton, some that will has been inspired by! ‘over u.’ will be followed up by the release of his debut EP, let’s see what the future holds for hyde!

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