filous – Hey Love

An admirable intro, filled with warm guitar tones and vocals that sound incredibly similar… Is that the singer of The Kooks? Bet you it is! Austrian producer filous collaborated with The Kooks on his latest single and it turned out a soothing and heartwarming summer tune with a sparkle of magic. ‘Hey Love’ covers the feelgood need we have had for the past couple of weeks, as skies have been grey and news has been miserable.

I myself hadn’t hear of filous before and it is hard to say what his contribution to the single has been as most of my focus turned to Luke’s simmering vocals. It is the highs and lows that make this single and its soundscape an adventurous one without sounding too exaggerated. ‘Hey Love’ is the first single of a forthcoming project and according to filous is a sound we should be hearing more of in the future. The single will soon be getting a video to be accompanied by as well as an interactive website on which listeners can experiment with the production of the track themselves! With creativity being the heart and soul of this new project I am curious to hear more of filous and see where his previous releases as well as ‘Hey Love’ will take him!

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