2in1: Limón Limón & Thom Lion

Limón Limón – Hot Pink Tiger

It is pink, smells like sugar and sticks to your hands… It’s candyfloss! LA-based fuzz indie pop outfit Limón Limón have just released the soundtrack for candyfloss! ‘Hot Pink Tiger’ is an upbeat, infectious and happy-go-lucky single that talks about the impossibility of turning fantasy into reality. It is a layered new release that makes sure you end up nearly falling off your chair because you’re dancing along fanatically. ‘Hot Pink Tiger’ is 80’s inspired pop with a hint of confetti and a sugared coating. Limón Limón fuse past and future and create an alternative timezone in which best of both times come together.

Thom Lion – Scattered Words

Thom Lion’s new single ‘Scattered Words’ is one that sounds infectious and upbeat yet its merry sound and Thom’s slightly raspy vocals are talking about love induced anxiety and using too many words when falling for someone. The Adelaide-based singer songwriter brings us another story from the heart and ‘Scattered Words’ is the exact right combination of a dance and a cry all packed in one song. His sound is inspired by that of The National and Confidence Man, yet with less clean vocals and a more upbeat soundscape. ‘Scattered Words’ is taken from his upcoming EP and I’m curious to hear which other sides of Thom we’ll hear on it!

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