The King’s Parade – How Long

Grand, eye-opening and with warming yet slightly edgy vocals, it’s The King’s Parade new single ‘How Long’. The lead vocals resemble the soothing edge of Sam Fender’s voice yet The King’s Parade have created more of a changing sound that ranges from laid back jazz-infused compositions to an upbeat alternative rock sound. It does have that hint of ‘I would like to whine a little more’, as ‘How Long’ is not just the title but also the question that is being asked throughout the track like a red thread.

‘How Long’ is the followup, both chronologically as well as lyrically of single ‘Mario’, both exploring feelings of nostalgia. “‘How Long’ is about regret and discovery. It explores how focusing on past mistakes can leave you no room to grow and no path to follow.” Both ‘How Long’ and ‘Mario’ will appear on the upcoming debut album, which is due for release later this year.

“Flashbacks forever…” is the end that leaves me with my mouth open, that can’t possibly leave me hanging like this can they? Well, they’re doing it, and The King’s Parade are leaving me craving for more… Luckily we have got the four-piece’s debut album to look forward to, which promises to be filled with their signature alternative soul sound, infused with just enough of a generic indie influence. Until the album release we’ll work with what we got, with ‘How Long’ on Spotify for now, and a music video for the single being in the works.

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