The Haunts – Operator

Replace your morning coffee with The Haunts‘ new release and you won’t notice a difference. The incredibly upbeat intro of their new single ‘Operator’ almost send me in a slight trance as the quick guitar finger picking is both soothing and nerve-wrecking. I feel as if being in an action film, being the one that’s chased by the bad guys. The change of rhythm and soundscape are what make this an intriguing and ever changing single, it just doesn’t get boring.

Inspired by surf and garage rock, The Haunts have created a warming and almost haunting sound, something that seems both familiar yet strange. It is the recurring surf riff that makes both band and song stand out and will help me to remember this band and to remember to keep an eye and ear out for future releases. The LA-based trio create off their ethos “minimum members, maximum sound”, and it works for them. If I have to be critical, I would have liked to hear slightly cleaner vocals but overall it doesn’t distract too much of me pretending to be a star actor in either The Blues Brothers or Ocean’s Eleven.

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