Kane Miller – Kings and Queens

Writing about the new release by Kane Miller I kept being distracted by… The new release of Kane Miller. His soothing voice, the intriguing and infectious soundscape and the eye-opening compositions grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. I felt myself dancing around but not writing down anything, I was losing myself in the music.

Ontario-based singer songwriter Kane Miller has the ability to write earwigs that start off with angel-like harmonies and I think that this new single is one of my top favourites of the past couple of months. It is possibly the off-rhythm background clapping and the subtle harmonies that sound like something I haven’t heard in a while, that makes ‘Kings and Queens’ stand out. “It is a combination of warm instrumentation and well crafted lyrics that quickly hook the heart of the listener”, I don’t always agree with press releases but I’ll be happy to add this in here knowing it’s the truth.

His new, relaxed folk pop song made me want to listen to the rest of his discography which is something that doesn’t happen often. ‘Kings and Queens’ shows the differences between living in a big city and living in the country side. “It was great to be in the city but, being from a small town, I couldn’t wait to get out of the rush and be back into the country.” I feel that.

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