Luna Blue – Dance With Your Heart

Luna Blue have been on our radar for a while now as they create classically infectious indie pop songs. Their latest release is ‘Dance With Your Heart’, and you can easily take that quite literally. I do feel that the intro of their new single could have been a bit stronger as the rather forced vocals get a bigger spotlight than they would deserve in my opinion.

As soon as the instruments and harmonies kick in the single turns into something that is more warming and party-vibe-fuelled, something I can dance and sing along to. As I said earlier, you can take the track title quite literally! ‘Dance With Your Heart’ was written from the perspective of reaching a fork in the road, on one side there is a flirtatious real life paradise and on the other is accepting the predictable future.

The band have proven to work quite nicely in a live setting, and both the band and me are hoping to be returning to live gigs as soon as possible. Up until then we have got ‘Dance With Your Heart’ to enjoy in our own private environments!

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