Joe Turone – A Simple Shade Of You

The unedited and openhearted vocals that introduce us to Joe Turone‘s new release ‘A Simple Shade Of You’ are what pulled me into this single and its story. It is a relaxed and laid back sound with a simple soundscape that does not need multiple layers to support Joe’s outstanding vocals. Its chorus is a warming one, invigorating its message: “I never like the sound of the rain in the summer, why do we always betray one another…”

His honest writing style is admirable and comes from a love for indie pop ballads with a Disney-like innocence. ‘A Simple Shade Of You’ is taken from his latest album ‘Into Nowhere’, an eight track counting collection of his personal narratives wrapped into a folk-inspired indie pop sound. The Essex-based songwriter and producer creates a combination of spoken word and melodic pop, of the kind that gives me goosebumps. One of my favourite singles of the album is second single ‘Featherweight’ which, even though it has an intro slightly too long, has a tingling and positive sounding summer vibe with compositional changes that give the song its surprising touch.

Joe’s voice, at times, has a raspy edge that made me think of the early work of Matt Corby and his style resembles some of Xavier Rudd’s soothing sound! There is a good chance I will soon have forgotten about Joe Turone, as there is just so much music being released currently, but I’ll add ‘Featherweight’ to the Misfits’ Favourites playlist to be reminded of his fine style from time to time!

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