Ciao Lucifer – geB eM ekaM

Dutch eccentric indie rock outfit Ciao Lucifer like it different and non-conventional. The funk-inspired outfit just reworked their entire debut album, so now it’s called ‘?pU gniworG nevE eW erA’, yeah, try reading that! If I think it was necessary? Probably not, it makes for a good laugh and some very inventive challenges, however I’m not sure if re-releasing your debut album is as productive when you are still an emerging band.

When talking specifically about ‘geB eM ekaM’ the big difference I hear is how it is a lot more high pitched and upbeat than its original version. The new version has become more of a dance pop track with booming electro effects that would, hopefully for Ciao Lucifer, not be out of place in the international charts.

We do, of course, have to see the fun in the backwards-spelled title tracks, as it seems the main message of the reworked album is “we haven’t grown up”, which is fair enough! The reworking of the album was sparked by new musical friendships found on their Indonesian tour last year, and the bands’ fascination for alternative versions that got out of hand. As Ciao Lucifer says themselves: “The songs got a lot less dusty with all the synthesizers and drum computers thrown around.” It seems I like it dusty! I’m curious to see what the next inventive new release of Ciao Lucifer will look and sound like, what do you think of the reworked album?

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