Seraphina Simone – Hollywood $$$

It was ‘Cherry <8’ that made me fall a little bit in love with young singer songwriter Seraphina Simone, her fierce attitude and no-bullshit sound are what makes it interesting to listen to her and her clean-cut voice. She is back with second single ‘Hollywood $$$’ and even though it is hard to top something that made me slightly fall in love, it is the infectiousness that is undeniable. I’m having a hard time trying to sit still while writing up this review and listening to ‘Hollywood $$$’ at the same time.

Her and her frank voice talk about Hollywood and “fame-obsessive undercurrents of tinsel town, with its sirens, starlets, leeches & letches. It’s about that world of smoke and mirrors – where nothing and no one is really as it seems.” We have all been at the point where we daydreamed about a life of fame, money and the absence of worries, however it comes at a high price.

I am a fan of the seductive pop sound of Seraphina Simone, yet also realise that her sound is a rather commercial one and at times I wonder who it is she writes for, herself, or her audience. I prefer an artist that writes because they have to, because there is no other way to process emotions and trauma, yet I am no acquaintance of Seraphina so she might just as well be one of those!

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