1.0.8. – Sawdust & Hay

Andrew Stewart has worked on several projects and just started a new one. ‘Sawdust & Hay’ is his new release under the name of 1.0.8. The single is taking us back to the fifties in which we are still optimistic and innocent. It is a modern and critical observation of the Western 21st century. The single needs a dance class dedicated to 1.0.8.’s infectious flamenco-influenced sound. Oh, wait a second… The single comes with a dance tutorial! 

The build up of ‘Sawdust & Hay’ is filled with layers and only just discovered avenues, making it an interesting ride to listen to. “‘Sawdust & Hay’ is a dream-like reflection on the innocent and aspiration-filled days of the 1950’s with the arrival of universal advertising, entertainment and propaganda. All through the relatively new medium of TV. A quickly changing world where the power of radio and TV instantly linked cultures and individuals, igniting the imagination and possibilities for so many young people.” ‘Sawdust & Hay’ definitely sparked my imagination and I feel a big smile has landed on my face at the end of this single, it happened without me noticing, but that’s just what 1.0.8. does.

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