James Kennedy – Autopsy (video)

Born and raised in Wales, singer songwriter James Kennedy has been fortunate enough to find his way to a guitar and to making music. Starting out creating an album all on his own, including mastering, mixing and sending the album out to press and labels, he’s come incredibly far. His latest single(s) are loaded with anger and dissatisfaction about the society we currently live in, ‘Autopsy’ is as upsetting as it is empowering.

It was 2018 when I first got to know James, a hard working musician that has worked his way to where he is now without changing an inch. The first album that I listened to from James, ‘Home’, is completely different from what his upcoming album promises to sound like. ‘Make Anger Great Again’ is due for release on the 25th of September and is filled with a lot less sweet-talking and a lot more straight-to-the-point lyrics. It is his anger and passion that lighted a fire in me while listening to ‘Autopsy’ and watching its video. Not only is the soundscape very infectious and hard not to move along to, James’ voice has a fiery edge to it that perfectly matches what he’s singing… Screaming about.

“With everything going on in the world right now, there is no time for sugar coating. It’s time to wake up, rise up and DO something before it is too late.” His showing off of his vocal range is impressive and thrilling and the video shows James as an angry news reporter that brings an end to fake news. Listen to the single, watch the video and light that fire!

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