Rock on: 3 new releases

Picture The Scene – Ceasefire

Picture The Scene knows how to open up a new single, with a lot of shouting and an infectious soundscape showing off his melodic sound. Lewis’ soothing and warming vocals come in about half a minute into the song and I keep forgetting that I’m listening to a one man band. His filling sound makes think of him being backed by a full band, however, it’s all just Lewis. ‘Ceasefire’ marks a change for the musician, as Lewis is showing off his versatile yet signature rock sound. There is a hint of indie pop and a slice of alternative rock, ‘Ceasefire’ is less heavy than the previously released Picture The Scenes-singles. I would prefer its heavier predecessors yet ‘Ceasefire’ is a fine piece of indie rock!

Rascalton – Places We Go

An upbeat and refreshingly new surf rock sound with punk-inspired vocals has been released by Glasgow-based alternative rock outfit Rascalton. ‘Places We Go’ is their latest and hook-filled track with a soothingly layered soundscape that is both structured and a big ol’ mess. It is their blending of genres and rhythm-changing that is energising yet talks about the most cliche subject there is: relationships. “It’s about the highs, the lows and the need for some space sometimes.”, frontman Jack says. Talking about cliches without sounding like a cliche is a talent and I’m excited to see where Rascalton is headed.

Matt Mays – Dan N’ Shaniqua

When I read that this artist had written his new album from the perspective of a rescue dog, I would have laughed and walked away. Yet my curiosity got the better of me, and even though I hadn’t heard of Matt Mays yet, I was one of not many. I got sent the lead single of his new album, ‘Dan N’ Shaniqua’ is a story about a rescue dog on a journey to meet its new parents for the first time. Even though I still find this perspective rather odd, yet Matt brings his message and music with flair and a touch of fast-paced art rock. He surely did challenge himself on his latest album, as it can’t be easy to translate the journey of a rescue dog into music, must admit, he’s done it well. Find all before mentioned singles in our Newest Releases playlist, to be found linked below!

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