Oscar Merry – Cower

Bristol-born indie rock musician Oscar Merry is flying since his EP release ‘Unfurl’. It is a collection of the finest examples of modern rock and one track which stood out to me is ‘Cower’.

‘Cower’ is an ingenious little beauty. It combines a variety of genres into one, and it appears that just about anything goes on this track and I savour that. Furthermore, Oscar finds inspiration from a broad range of influences, and it pays off with him creating a hybrid sound which you will most likely never hear elsewhere.

Kicking off the track is a guitar lead which comes boldly. It is mighty, and it jumps out instantly taking no detainees in its stride. Also, Oscar does not believe that one guitar melody is enough; therefore, he has combined a few guitar layers to make for the almighty introduction. From the opener, we are in with a potent verse with Oscar gliding through the mix with gritty and honest vocals. I recall hearing somewhere that he once delved into the screamo world, and this may be one of the reasons behind his forceful vocal approach. Yet I do enjoy this, because he gives his all with a voice that shouts charisma from the moment he opens his chords.

The chorus on ‘Cower’ follows a similar vibe with a thunderous beat and a guitar lead which takes control of the focal point. But, Oscar also fights for the airtime with a voice that will leave you echoing his melody for quite some time. Towards the ending of the track, Oscar mixes it up even more with a finale which could convert any music fan into a die-hard rock enthusiast.

Words by James Davids

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