Sunburn – All I’m Missin’

Dublin-based alternative rock outfit Sunburn have just released their new single ‘All I’m Missin” and it’s an infectious new release that starts of with great guitar-riffs and soothing vocals that I promise will soon become the signature Sunburn-sound. The band formed in 2019 and have since been bonding and building their sound, theirs is a perfect mix of young innocence entwined with an adult view on both lyrics and subject.

‘All I’m Missin” resembles bits and pieces of the infectious alternative pop sound of The Academic, a band I always enjoy seeing live, which made me long for live gigs and hoping to be able to see Sunburn live at some point in the near future. With more of an edge and some stubbornness in the mix Sunburn sets themselves apart from tame indie pop bands. ‘All I’m Missin” was recorded in the Darklands Studio with Dan Doherty, who previously worked with the likes of Fontaines D.C. and Somebody’s Child amongst others.

It is only their second single which looks promising for the young, emerging band from Dublin. The Irish music scene is exciting and restless and I would love to hear more coming from it!

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