DI-RECT – COLOR (video)

The strong-opinionated can be rather annoying yet they can also be very powerful, especially when they turn their opinions into song and bring it in the form of a colourful new single with live video that broadcasts energy and passion. DI-RECT have proven themselves to be bigger than the Dutch borders, once again, with new single ‘COLOR’. Vocals of frontman Marcel are heartwarming and to the point, ‘COLOR’ is about putting differences aside and I can tell it’s a subject close to his heart.

The bands’ dynamics are grand and contagious, and even though their pop sound at times is generic, they have been one of the first in the Netherlands and they have mastered their sometimes generic sound. Fierce, open-minded and with a flamboyant mix of soul, rock, pop and indie the band are demanding their spotlight and to be seen by more and more. There is no stopping DI-RECT, and even though I might be biased as I am Dutch myself, this band deserves a bigger and international stage!

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