Premiere: Analogue Dear – Something Real

We are premiering the second single of Analogue Dear‘s upcoming EP and it’s exciting, intriguing and refreshing! “‘Something Real’ offers a starkly honest take on navigating adulthood, and the implications of its choices.” The song was originally written in 2015 but I’m glad it got dusted off and brought back to life with its 2020-release. Analogue Dear is an emerging artist on the Dutch music scene and on his new single collaborated with someone I met about ten years ago, Janna Lagerstrom and I am glad to hear her musical influence on ‘Something Real’! The honest and openhearted tone of ‘Something Real’ called for a brief online chat with Analogue Dear, let’s get to know the Rotterdam-based pianist and bedroom-producer!

Could you introduce Analogue Dear in 1 sentence?

Analogue Dear is the disguise of Rotterdam-based pianist and bedroom producer Sjaak Douma, who meticulously tries to craft music from the heart.

What inspired you to start making music?

At first I was drawn to music for its discipline-based reward system and the fact it was a solitary hobby. I improvised and composed my own music the moment I started playing piano at 15, but producing came years later (primarily to not be reliant on other people to finish and put out music).

What do you prefer, to listen to music online or offline and why?

I got rid of my entire physical music collection the minute Spotify made its entrance. Although I understand the sentiment of putting on music, practicality wins for me. In all honesty, since I’ve been working as a full-time musician I barely listen to any music at all.

Biggest achievement so far?

Being able to be autonomous as an artist and human being.

What is your ultimate goal? Think big!

To keep creating, exploring, and pushing the boundaries of my craft, and hopefully touch a few more hearts along the way.

Best thing about being a musician?

The possible fact that one of your songs might have meaning to another person.

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