Exciting New Releases

The Great Communicators – Our Days

Dutch indie rock outfit The Great Communicators are back with their new single ‘Our Days’! The band have been going since 2014 but are still growing and bettering their sound as well as stage performance, something I can’t wait to experience myself again hopefully to be in the near future. ‘Our Days’ is infectious and energising. It’s a solid slice of indie filled with groove, passion and warming vocals!

Posable Action Figures ft. Honeyblood – Simulator

“This one goes out to all the practice boys and girls, to the loves that never quite made it.” Upbeat, energising and slightly is the new product of the collaboration between Posable Action Figures and Honeyblood. ‘Simulator’ is short, sweet and to the point and shines a bright light on angsty, screaming characters. Throw a bit of alt rock and punk in the mix and what you’ve got is powerful, a bit frightening but most of all fun!

BAXTR – Feathers

BAXTR are taking my heart by storm, ‘Feathers’ is only their second single but both releases are pure earwigs entwined with a ton loads of energy and a craft for hook-filled alternative pop songs! Strong female vocals and a soundscape that is simple yet refined make for their second single to sound like a potential hit and one that would be a hoot when performed life – I imagine… I already long for more BAXTR and I hope to be able to share more music from the band soon!

Stables – Silhouettes

It seems to be a good time to discover my new favourite artist(s), as Stables have also fought and won the battle of demanding the spotlight of my musical attention. With ‘Silhouettes’, Matthew proves to be worthy of that spotlight. The folk-influenced, blues-inspired singer songwriter is bringing a soothing, dreamy, laid back new single with a DIY video that is both endearing and inspiring. Cliche at times too, but I’m a sucker for cliche love songs, and Stables is bringing it lovingly, not too seriously, but in a stylish manner.

Crossfire Eagles – Sweet Talker

Loud and simple with a dose of energy, infectious drums and hooky riffs, it’s all woven into ‘Sweet Talker’, Crossfire Eagles’ new single. Say early Oasis with a dose of modern indie rock and vocals that aren’t too demanding but offer for an easy-listening experience. Crossfire Eagles are fun, tenacious and a little dominant and on their newest single talk about a man, a promiscuous woman, and sweet talking. Even though overall the band might not fully stand out from their competitors, I’m sure their stubbornness will get them as far as they’d want!

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