Lullaby’s Favourites

Where do you find new music?

Mostly on YouTube but sometimes on Spotify.

What is your favourite place to listen to and write music?

I would say any place as long as I’m lonely.

What activity are you unable to do without music?

I would say walking but I actually live with music 24/7 so would be hard in general to imagine myself doing any activity without listening to music.

What are your favourite things to do besides music?

I like reading and studying new things, love dancing and walking my dog.

Current Top 10 Songs?

Lana Del Rey – Body Electric 
Sevdaliza – Amadine Insensibile 
Glass Animals – Mama’s Gun 
Massive Attack – Paradise Circus 
Jaden Smith – Lost Boy
FKA Twigs – Mary Magdalene 
Tamino – Indigo Night 
Rosalía – Brillo 
Radiohead – Daydreaming 
Sabrina Claudio – Holding The Gun

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