Jake Morgan – From The Ground Up (album)

Jake Morgan just released his third folk-inspired album, ‘From The Ground Up’ is a collection of the singer songwriter’s craft inspired by a self healing journey. The album was recorded in four days straight with a group of musicians with roots in Americana and jazz, and none of them had previously played together. To say Jake likes a challenge is an understatement.

Opener of the album is ‘You’re Coming Back’, a heart warming and vulnerable yet powerful single that shines a bright light on Jake’s almost breakable voice. It is hopeful yet seems awfully clear that the subject is not coming back… ‘Sylvia’ has a soothing jazzy vibe that combines well with Jake’s voice and the edge to it. Rather slow paced yet with a passion behind it that gives me goosebumps, even though I am not too keen on the vibrato of his voice nearing the end of the song. ‘Born to Be Free’ resembles the sound and spirit of Xavier Rudd, a man I greatly admire, and even though Jake is no Xavier, he still brings his message with suave and a soundscape consisting of what sounds like a harmonica and soothing harp compositions.

His folk-inspired sound is not for everyone, and at times I am a little turned off by the high pitched sounds that take some of my attention from his warming voice. However, both ‘Somewhere’ and ‘Land of Dreams’ feel like the warm hug I always find myself in when listening to The Paper Kites and it is the familiar yet unknown sound of Jake Morgan that I admire and that makes me feel safe and content. His music is written with care and precision and it sounds as if the creating of this album was a case of life and death, there is no in-between, it all has to sound perfect.

The pace slows down with ‘Another Day’, one that I can’t completely get hooked on, yet it seems the well-earned breather of the album as the pace picks up again with ‘Memory Lane’. A filling soundscape and harmonious rhythms that make feel as if being on holiday on a sunny island, while sipping a colourful cocktail on the beach! That beach theme seems to hold on for a little while, as ‘Waiting On You’ and ‘Tumbling Down’ take on an aloha-inspired soundscape without sounding cliché. ‘So Long’ is my new favourite lullaby and ‘Butterflies’ is I think the best fitting soundtrack for my life as it is at the moment! “When I look into your eyes, I can’t deny, I get butterflies…”

We are closing the album with upbeat and infectious single ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’ and in a slightly weird way I can really relate to the subject of the song. It is so infectious I felt myself singing along after listening for only the second time, which is also a sign that I have spoken enough about this and that you should give the album a listen yourself! I highly recommend ‘From The Ground Up’ and think it is some refreshing soul medicine.

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