Wallows – Nobody Gets Me (Like You) (video)

Have you seen 13 Reason Why? Right, Clay can’t just act, he’s also a great front man. I’ll be honest by starting off that part of me thinks the band doesn’t deserve the amount of attention they get, purely because their frontman is famous. Their first single was released the same year the first season of 13 Reasons Why came out, which is fair enough and rather well planned. Now that the negativity is out of the way, sort of, I’ll continue to talk about Wallow‘s latest video for single ‘Nobody Gets Me (Like You)’. The video starts off by us seeing the band entering a house party that is possibly about to start, but might also just be one big flop.

I find the intro of the video rather long and I feel myself waiting for the music to kick in, however, it doesn’t seem we even get to hear the full song in the video. So, I’m just going to review the single and share both links in this review, so you can form your opinion on it!

‘Nobody Gets Me (Like You)’ is an infectious alternative pop track with a synth-filled soundscape, and clean cut vocals that talk about… Love. The band know how to perform and how to make it an intriguing performance, their performance making the video somewhat bearable to watch, I just don’t feel the video does the song itself much justice. Ever since one of my friends pointed out that Clay, I mean Dylan, had a successful indie band I have been intrigued and I still am, I just can’t wait until the band releases some new music!

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