Emil Landman – Skin (video)

Dutch artist Emil Landman has an authentic style of sharing his message and music, and with new single ‘Skin’, he does it again. It is the start of a new chapter and a new album, one written in New York. It is a lot more in your face than his singles, the singles that made me familiar with the singer songwriter are of the fragile kind, ‘Skin’ is poignant and convincing.

The intro of ‘Skin’ is echoing and synth-driven, with Emil’s elegant and soothing voice floating through the soundscape like a river in a forest. The repetitive rhythm makes think of a heartbeat, a leading thread throughout the single. This new and energising sound suits Emil well, and I find myself admiring his enthusiasm for what is to come next. “The vibe of the song “Skin” for me is to go into adventure in freedom. Without fear, with a lot of energy and full of enthusiasm.” I can’t wait to find out what’s next!

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