Elle Belle – Post Everything

‘Post Everything’ is an upbeat alternative rock track with changing rhythms and vocals that are peaking around the corner of the stage curtain, checking if they are worthy of the spotlight. I think they are, they deserved more volume to shine throughout Elle Belle‘s new single. I must admit that the rather dark, very manly sound of ‘Post Everything’ was not what I expected when seeing the name Elle Belle. Elle Belle is composer and songwriter Christopher Pappas, another surprise, Elle Belle is a one-man-band?!

‘Post Everything’ sounds like being played by a full band, yet has been fully created by solo artist Christopher, who previously played in several bands and under different aliases. It is his experience and the inspiration he took from several rock and grunge outfits that make his sound a healthy blend of grunge, psych-rock, prog and a bit of electronic. “‘Post Everything’ is about reckonings. The emotional fatigue of the last few years had filled my heart with a deep misanthropic nihilism. Through personal, political, and cultural grieving, these songs rake through the ashes of an era and ask – where do we go from here?”

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