A good dose of alternative rock & pop

Mr. Mother – Killing Machine

Mr. Mother have just released a killer of a rock tune, it has a dark message yet sounds infectious and it’s hard not to move while listening to ‘Killer Machine’! The American rock-machine is questioning love and why it is such an upper hand emotion… I reckon we’ve all wondered that at times, yet I was never able to turn it into a powerful and energetic rock belter, so I’m glad Mr. Mother did!

Warmpth – Colour Blue

Warmpth is solo artist Chris Smallwood, and with his latest ode to love, ‘Colour Blue’ he has now made me a fan of his rhythmic and sunny-sounding alternative sound. The track builds upon a web of fuzzy guitar lines yet was originally written as a piano-driven song. Chris improves where needed and created some last lines while recording in the studio, one of my favourites: “Girl, I want you to sing to me.”

Gone Sugar Die – Eyeliner

A dramatic synth-driven intro pulled me into the new Gone Sugar Die single, a track with hints of pop punk influences, grand and slightly dark hooks, high pitched vocals and warming guitar compositions. The Vancouver-based outfit were also inspired by glam rock, which shows in the title of the track, and it is the sudden ending of the track that left me longing for more. I want a bit of dramatic alternative rock and a bit more of Gone Sugar Die.

Yammerer – Boa Constrictor

If you love Slaves, IDLES and or Fontaines D.C. (even though you can barely love one without the other) than you will also love Yammerer! ‘Boa Constrictor’ is their latest, fast paced, high energy and passionate new track. The song is a truthfully representation of what 2020 and its frustrations look and sound like; “Attuned to the frustrations of 2020; ‘Boa Constrictor’ succeeds in conjuring itself around, through and into a creature of harsh repetition.”

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