Sentient Robot – From The Outset (Your Own Way)

A new, infectiously upbeat track has been released by Manchester-based synth-pop outfit Sentient Robot. ‘From The Outset (Your Own Way)’ is a relaxed yet uplifting track with a hint of disco and an almost mesmerising soundscape and rhythm. The band make music for fans of The War On Drags and Talking Heads and with this new single have marked their spot on the local scene. Their synth-pop/ alternative pop vibe is different from most bands hailing from Manchester and the band know how to turn heads!

Singer Nat said about the single: “The lyrics were inspired by my own experiences as a teen-parent feeling the burden of dogma and expectations from wider society; feeling pressured to be something I could not be.” Sentient Robot turned quite a recognisable subject, not being able to live up to expectations, into an inspiring track that shines a bright yet musical light on quite the large issue in modern day society!

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