Calboa – Admission (video)

Calboa no longer plays the fool. His new release is upfront, and his fearless delivery will knock you off your seat. 

‘Admission’ is the track that is putting Calboa on the map. He hails from Hull, but he has spread his wings way further with his new delivery. So much so, it is sending a shockwave across the indie scene in the UK and Europe. 

Kicking off the piece is a tight rhythm arrangement with a guitar melody which sounds similar to Viola Beach. The beat is original, and it often changes style proving his ability to keep his sound moving forward. Vocally, Calboa gets underway in flying form. His verse is potent with a healthy delivery, and it provides strong sentiment. 

I enjoy how the track builds into an anthem. The chorus is the more significant component of the arrangement, but yet it is slower than the rest of the piece which is unusual in this type of record. Although, it provides energy which is empowering. Also, the power within Calboa’s vocal is impressive given that he has minimal backing supporting his lead. 

What I believe this track is shouting for, is an even bolder guitar solo. For me, towards the ending, the guitar should leap even further forward, and a more layered slick guitar lead section would have been monumental. Also, because the guitar plays a forward role in the track, it would be delightful to give it even more airtime.

Nevertheless, the music and the vocals stay exciting from start to finish. Also, although the ending is a little repetitive, it does work, and it leaves us pining for another listen. Therefore, hats off Calboa, please do keep them coming.

Words by James Davids

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