2in1: Elina & Wolver

Elina – Remember

Enchanting, goose bump-inducing, spot on and with an ease that makes me want to start writing and playing music myself, it’s the way Elina brings her music to a crowd of old, new and future fans. ‘Remember’ is another fragile yet strongly independent folk pop song that shines a bright light on Elina’s clean cut voice. ‘Remember’ is also the title of Elina’s new EP which is out now. The six track counting work of art comes straight from the heart and is as emotional as it is infectious in its own right.

Wolver – Mad Man

Wolver have created the soundtrack for mad men, their stumping, loud and passionate sound is hard to ignore and the warming vocals that dance through the riff-filled soundscape are both warming and nearly daunting. There could barely be a bigger contract between the sounds of Elina and Wolver however both outfits are from Sweden, which was my motivation to share them in one and the same article. Some countries just bring up great artists and Sweden is definitely in my top five of favourite countries!

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