Paceshifters – Hurdles (video)

Make sure to sit tight and buckle up for emerging alternative power rock outfit Paceshifter‘s new single and video ‘Hurdles’! The band from the Netherlands have released absolute banger after banger and are back with their new single and video, in a slightly different sauce than what we are familiar with. ‘Hurdles’ is a passionate and riff-filled shot of energy with the potential of being a hit and bringing the band to the next stage of their career. It is their thought-through and well-structured way of creating new sounds that has the industry watching them with mouths wide open.

Infectious, bright, motivating and inspiring, it all suits Paceshifters’ mix of indie, garage and alternative rock. ‘Hurdles’ is the first of their new and soaring sound, also to make an appearance on their upcoming album which is due for release next year.

Vocalist Seb says: “We made quite a few changes; new management, new record label, new booking agency but also played a bit with our image and definitely revamped our sound. Everything is different now, except the name of the band and it’s still the same three guys making a lot of noise.”

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