Steve Prottsman – Thank You, Anyway

Singer songwriter Steve Prottsman has released a new and emotional single, ‘Thank You, Anyway’ was written at the end of a toxic relationship and is a mixture of jazz and soft rock. It is the infectious synth-driven intro that does it for me, its sound resembles an upbeat 60’s and 70’s rock vibe yet is played with a modern twist.

The multi-instrumentalist created a soothing soundscape, and even though it could have been a touch less repetitive, Steve’s raspy vocals take up most of my attention. It is a grand and theatrical sounding piece, not typically what I listen to in my spare time but ‘Thank You, Anyway’ is a nice distraction and sounds like a fun and openhearted short story. The brass sections add a smooth and uplifting layer to the soundscape and an interesting fact is that all instruments have been played and recorded live!

It is highly likely that I would not have given Steve’s song a chance based on the genre and what it is being described at however I am thankful for the little breather ‘Thank You, Anyway’ allowed me to have!

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  1. Thank you very much for giving my music a chance. I certainly understand that a retro vibe isn’t for everyone, but I appreciate you taking it for a spin! Cheers!


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