Van Tastik – Ain’t No Man With Money

I met Van Tastik at Amsterdam Central Station and saw him play live, I enjoyed his set and knew that I would keep an eye and ear out for when he would release new music. However, with his new single he has grown way out of the expectations I had had for this single. ‘Ain’t No Man With Money’ is a seductive, grand blues rock track filled with riffs and sounds like a rare Oldtimer.

It is his first official single and shows his determination and the fact that there is no going back once you start listening to ‘Ain’t No Man With Money’. It is an upbeat, foot-stomping, heart-pumping, exciting new sound that shows Van Tastik’s personality and hopefully the sound of his future releases!

‘Ain’t No Man With Money’ was written after a period of unemployment due to a bad accident, which left the artist’s face scarred and in a large amount of debts. It uncovers the difficulty of living from pay check to pay check, which to me is also no unfamiliar feeling. However, Van Tastik gives it an inspiring twist, “You don’t need money to make you happy, no!”, spend your time on being with friends and in nature, enjoy what you can have and spend your money on second-hand products and small producers, because the big guys certainly do not need it!

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