Braden Lam – Saturday Is Seven

‘Saturday Is Seven’ is the focus track of Braden Lam‘s recently released indie pop tinted EP. It is the hazy and dreamy sound that I thought more resembled a folk pop sound that grabbed me by the balls and in combination with the slightly eccentric vocals would just not let go. It is an infectious sound, one to sing and drive along to, a comfortable and familiar feeling that comes with a smile and a warm hand to hold.

His EP is a journey of growth and aspiration, a six song-counting compilation of his simple yet refined indie folk pop. “Inspired by the honest storytelling and heart-pulling melodies of songwriters like Tim Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Maggie Rogers, Lam’s own craft is a study in the day-to-day, with a sharp, specific eye and a knack for expressing observations universally.”

“‘Inside Four Walls’ is not just a record of his emotional growth, it’s also a sonic push outside the box for Lam, who built a solid folk base for himself on his debut ‘Driftwood People’. The production of the EP elevates the songs above the standard singer-songwriter treatment, something that is obvious on ‘Coffee Breath’ and the easy listening saxophone solo in ‘Ruby’.”

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