Reed Gaines – People Getting Older

The hazy and nearly disappearing vocals of Reed Gaines are what intrigued me about his new single ‘People Getting Older’, which was released last week. It is a nostalgic lo-fi dream pop song with a lot of sentiment and thought-through compositions. It is soft as silk and wears like a luxury and delicate perfume. The soothing voice that peeks around the corner throughout the song gives it some mystery yet sounds comforting.

The synth-driven atmosphere helps carrying the melancholy sadness of the lyrical content. ‘People Getting Older’ is the first in a series of single releases of the Nashville-based bedroom/ alternative pop artist. Reed Gaines is a perfect match with fans of The National, Maggie Rogers and Phoebe Bridgers and if you would like to take that up to the test, have a listen below.

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