Hidden Things – Outta Luck

Lo-fi/ indie rock songwriter and musician Hidden Things has just released a new tickling and uplifting track, ‘Outta Luck’ is a fun sounding, infectious and slightly eccentric new release that instantly made me bounce along. It is a short and compact message, in only 2.25 minutes the artist tells his story and brings the confetti to the party without it sounding rushed. ‘Outta Luck’ is the first single taken of the forthcoming debut LP ‘Not Even Regret’, which is due for release on the 20th of November!

“I usually stick to writing relationship songs or three-minute character studies, and generally avoid social commentary, but ‘Outta Luck’ pulled me in another direction. It’s a simple statement about how easy it should be for those who have benefitted from privilege, in whatever form, to simply recognize that they’ve been given a leg up, and to show some humility and empathy, rather than clinging to the fallacy that everyone has equal access to the same level of opportunity.”

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