Swiss Portrait – Find My Way (video)

Catchy new alternative dream gaze is what I found when listening to Swiss Portrait‘s new single and video ‘Find My Way’. Sounding hazy and far away yet feeling like Swiss Portrait is standing right next to me, whispering in my ear. ‘Find My Way’ is lyrically exactly what I always look for in new releases, a tongue in cheek kind of message yet described so ambiguously that I can draw my own meaning from it. “The nature of the lyrics allow the listener to draw their own conclusion and take the song on their own journey throughout listening to it.”

The video for ‘Find My Way’ shows Michael playing the song in the middle of a wooded area, a simple yet refined scenery that intrigues me and made me want to create a similar video myself… Even though I do not make music. ‘Find My Way’ is creative in its simplicity and due to the repetitive chorus-line makes itself easy to remember and hard to forget.

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