New Music Highlights

Mall Daze – Ten Favorites

Dark wave/ dream pop duo Mall Daze have just released their new and intriguing single ‘Ten Favorites’, and it is their debut as a duo. Mall Daze came to be from Alaskan indie-pop outfit Lavoy and is now its own entity with its own sound and personality. It is their dark dream-wave fragility that makes ‘Ten Favorites’ a song that stands out, with reverb-soaked compositions and raw vocals. ‘Ten Favorites’ is the perfect soundtrack for a midnight-drive and offers a soothing distraction from the current state of the world.

The Stone MG’s – Love and Let Die

“A song about a secret agent on the hunt for the ex-lover that double-crossed him.” It’s ‘Love and Let Die’, the new single by The Stone MG’s, a clashing duo that rely upon their contrasting personalities to bring the fierce and anger to the stage, or in this case; to your streaming device. Inspired and brought together by Otis Redding and MC5, The Stone MG’s are bringing a filthy alternative rock sound that might not be renewing yet is very intriguing as well as hard to shake off after you have listened.

Superheart – LILO

‘LILO’ is intriguing and synth-driven, a hazy dream pop track built around daunting harmonies and a mesmerising heartbeat. Superheart is surprisingly a one man band/ singer songwriter/ producer, also called a master of sounds. A combination of his passion, human experiences and ambient soundspheres make Superheart an outstanding musical supertalent, one that does fit in one regular sized box. Superheart’s got given a ton of confidence when signing with Akira Records and his new-gained confidence suits both him and his renewing sound!

PREP – Carrie

Upliftingly infectious with a soothing yet tickling sound, ‘Carrie’ is PREP’s new offering. It’s light-hearted and with a tongue in cheek kind of tone, a combination of recognisable indie pop and an upbeat electro pop meets new wave sound. Their simple compositions and fun sounding harmonies are good for any mood and bring a smile to any face that is listening. PREP previously had casually popped up on line-ups and in conversations but with ‘Carrie’ they make me want to hear more!

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