CRUX – Slaving Away

Newcastle-based four-piece CRUX released Newcastle-themed hit ‘Bigg Market’ last year and with it left a permanent mark on my radar. They are finally back with new single ‘Slaving Away’, which is slightly less punchy yet rather infectious and with a tangy message.

Heavily inspired by MUSE and with Queens of the Stone Age-like riffs, the band have created a riff-filled, anthemic and almost poppy track that makes it nearly impossible not to move along! The alternative rock outfit started out as a sixth form band but singer Max and lead guitarist Jake weren’t ready to give up the band. They recruited the rest of their band while studying at university and have since played several local venues and festivals, with before-mentioned ‘Bigg Market’ their biggest success hit.

I personally think that topping ‘Bigg Market’ is a hard task however the band are aiming high with their new single and its spot on lyrical content. The passion and energy is seeping through Max’s vocals and the filling hook that gives the track a hint of surprise at the 50th second makes ‘Slaving Away’ a treat to listen to!

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