Middle Kids – R U 4 Me? (video)

Soothing, eye-opening and almost thrilling is Middle Kids‘ new video and single ‘R U 4 Me?’, an infectious folk pop-inspired track with a slightly cliché but hard to ignore rhythm. Middle Kids are bringing us a video that expresses the feeling of alienation and loneliness.

Singer songwriter Hannah Joy explains that the inspiration from the song came from an experience she once had when being at a university where the message to be nice actually didn’t have that nice of a tone itself… “We are always looking around at other people thinking “are you on my team?”, I think this just results in us all feeling lonely.”

She bundled that inspiration and coated it in a frenzied and energetic track, including their own yelling, wailing and laughter to capture the feeling of creating in the moment. It gives ‘R U 4 Me?’ its hint of mania, wildness and joy. Have a look below and be inspired the way the ending of the video inspired me!

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