The Round Up – October

The Kecks – All For Me

Hamburg-based, Bowie-inspired and exciting, emerging outfit The Kecks have just released their new single ‘All For Me’. Their flamboyant pop is made to stick, and ‘All For Me’ is no exception. It is a slow paced Arctic Monkeys-inspired piece of soothing jazzy pop that at times becomes a bit of a background tune, but those great and warm vocals help prevent that throughout!

The Bergamot – Make It Last

Talented and inspiring wife and husband duo The Bergamot have just released their new video and single ‘Make It Last’. It is a hopeful, pure and honest message to address climate change and how we should never let our earth slip away. The clean cut vocals of the duo go straight to the bone and will hopeful inspire some souls to join the fight against climate change.

Rila’s Edge – Coast

A grand and soaring new track has been released by alternative shoegaze outfit Rila’s Edge. ‘Coast’ is an anthemic, infectious indie rock track that matches perfectly with the musical interests of fans of Newcastle’s locals The Pale White and resembles hints of Blossoms’ later work. ‘Coast’ showcases a positive message about pushing yourself to your full potential rather than ‘coast’ through life barely getting by.

Neon Islands – MOON

Neon Islands’ new single ‘MOON’ starts out strong with a soothing dream rock vibe, continuing those hazy vibes with vocal harmonies and hints of synths filling their moony soundscape. Their flamboyant and open-hearted style is admirable but at times a tad generic, doesn’t mean it’s not a great tune that makes you move, just means I’m unsure if I’ll remember the band on the basis of their new single.

Subterranean Street Society – Wake Me Up Before I Go To Sleep

Subterranean Street Society are an intriguing Dutch indie rock outfit that are currently working towards the release of their new album. Single ‘Wake Me Up Before I Go To Sleep’ is their new single, also taken from the upcoming album. It’s a Gallagher-influenced sound with an anthemic rhythm, laid back compositions and a promising sight for the upcoming album!

Hoger – Same Mistakes

A laid back, jazz-inspired folk pop track has been released by Dutch artist Hoger, ‘Same Mistakes’ is soaring, breakable and anthemic all at the same time. Rambling drums, a haunting soundscape and clean cut vocals are what make his new single an outstanding one! ‘Same Mistakes’ is about toxic relationships and how hard it is to escape them.

Neon Midnights – Bedroom Aerobic Style

‘Bedroom Aerobic Style’ is the infectious, disco-infused new single of Neon Midnights, also appearing on their recently released self-titled debut EP. It is a fun sounding rock-inspired track evolving around nearly nagging yet intriguing vocals and a thumping synth-driven soundscape filled with harmonies and mysterious compositions!

Inhaler – When It Breaks

Inhaler entered the scene with a bang and has proven to be here to stay. Their infectious yet simple indie rock sound is one I would love to see live, and with their new live video release I get a little taste of their live performance! ‘When It Breaks’ is a soaring rock track by the Irish rock-band that have a feeling for touchy melodies, soothing harmonies and riffing guitar lines!

Michael Gallagher – Yesterday

A new Gallagher has risen to the surface, with sharp and edgy vocals and a simple yet successful rhythm and filling soundscape. ‘Yesterday’ is his contagious debut anthem that shows the passion and energy of North East-based singer songwriter Michael Gallagher. “Sometimes you look back on your youth and you think, ‘I wish I could do that again because it was good’,” and Yesterday’s a song about that”.”

Orchard – Paws

A new soaring indie rock track from Stoke-on-Trent-based alternative outfit Orchard has been released and ‘Paws’ is just what I needed! A wining yet soothing and infectious track filled with tingling guitar lines and thumping drums make this a wholesome release. Essentially a love song, ‘Paws’ is about being absorbed in life and being swamped, but knowing there is a shoulder to lean on when needed.

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